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Insurance Billing & Collections

Customized Healthcare Billing Collection Services in Orange County

Acme Billing Solutions is a boutique billing experience for healthcare providers to ensure that you are seeing the maximum payouts possible. We are here to make sure that your business gets paid on time and that you receive the payout you deserve. Through our electronic claims process, and daily billing submission we are able to help speed up your reimbursements, which helps in avoiding disruptions to your cash flow. Our incredible software and experienced team members can offer your business a level of expertise that will allow you to collect revenue faster and easier through electronic claims processing, aging reports, monthly statements and more. 

Through our electronic claims process, we are able to help speed up your reimbursements, which helps in avoiding disruptions to your cash flow. In turn, this allows you to collect revenue more quickly with less complications. This also speeds up the process because it is important to reduce the common complications on the back end, and ensures your billing is correct the first time around. Our ultimate goal for Acme Billing Solutions’s medical billing collection services is to allow you to focus your attention on the part of your business that matters most, offering the best possible medical care for your patients, while we alleviate stressors and complications surrounding the medical billing process.

Billing & Collections

Claims, daily billing submissions, & collections brought to you by Acme Billing.

Audit Management

Investigate & maintain your practice's documentation and records.

Credentialing & Contracting

From in-network negotiations to licensure and training, Acme Billing can help.

Custom Billing Solutions

Whether you are a large scale healthcare provider or an independent practice, we have billing solutions that work for you.

Eligibility & Verification of Benefits

Learn about our free verification of benefits service and how we can help you help clients at the right place & right time.

Denials, Negotiations, & Appeals

Denials & negotiating payments can be exhausting for any medical practice. Let us do the work for you.

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Why Acme is Your Best Choice for Billing Collection Services in Orange County, CA

At Acme Billing Solutions we not only want to increase efficiency surrounding your medical payouts, but we also work hard to project your revenue and receive statements, reports and regular updates. This ensures that your medical bills are always being handled correctly. In order to project your revenue, we use aging reports that are used to accurately align your expectations with your company’s financial future. Aging reports help project your practice’s revenue and manage your growth over periods of time. This report also helps detect billing errors and incorrect submissions surrounding claims, which ultimately will save your business time and money, and is a helpful tool for audit avoidance. With our aging reports, you will be able to care for your patients with ease knowing that your financials are in order. 

In addition to the aging reports, Acme Billing Solutions will provide your company with monthly statements, reports, and updates. These monthly reports are important because they serve as a resource to keep us on the same page when it comes to your company’s finances. With our medical billing audit services, we recognize that the well-being of your practice depends on dynamic and efficient billing and collection services. Our mission is to support your business with best practices when it comes to credentialing, billing, utilization and collections in a collaborative manner. We are here to help make all the difference for your medical practice.

Aging Accounts Receivable

The aging accounts receivable report lists out the unpaid customer invoices and unused credit memos, and is typically sorted by date range. The aging report helps collections personnel to determine which invoices are overdue for payment. Through tracking this, we are able to help you detect errors with regards to billing and incorrect claim submissions. This allows us to get in front of the errors in a timely manner and help your practice avoid raising any red flags. This report primarily contains invoices, but it may also contain credit memos that have not been used by your customers or that do not match up with an unpaid invoice. We also use this report to help manage your practice’s revenue and develop growth projections over time.

Reimbursement Negotiations

Commercial payers do not automatically reward physicians for being members of their networks, and therefore physicians need to ask for higher payment rates. There are multiple ways we help your practice negotiate higher reimbursements from payers. Some of these methods include creating a value proposition, asking for a cost-of-living increase (at a minimum), including ancillary services like x-rays, labs, durable medical equipment, supplies and injectables, and involving your coders. We provide a level of expertise needed to easily identify common payer-specific barriers to getting paid and we help by proactively solving these problems through your contract. An example of this could be that your payer refuses to pay an unlisted code, and for this reason we advocate for you to ask the payer to put this in writing when initially negotiating your contract.

Appeals & Patient Collections

An appeal is the process by which a patient or provider attempts to persuade an insurance payer to pay for more of a medical claim. An appeal of a claim occurs after a claim has been either rejected or denied by the payer. Acme Billing Solutions is here to aid in managing your appeals as well as managing your collections from either your payer or your patients. Our job at our medical billing company in California is to help balance the relationship between the insurance companies, the patients, and the medical practice. We follow up with both the insurance company and the patients to make sure the medical office is compensated properly for their services, the patient is being billed correctly, and that timely payments are being made. There are times where medical practices receive a lot of pushback from the insurance companies because they don’t want to pay for the patient’s treatment, therefore we have to constantly fight for approval from the insurance company on the center and the patient’s behalf. We are a boutique medical billing company and we stress the importance of being in constant communication with our clients to ensure they receive the payouts they deserve in a timely manner.

5 Ways Acme Will Help Your Healthcare Business

Acme Billing Solutions begins all relationships with first identifying where the areas of loss exist and where there are opportunities for growth.
Our team will work on crafting a unique billing strategy that will allow you to see maximum results through new billing & utilization processes.
Once we have your strategy set, Acme Billing Solutions will assist in setting up new programs, software, and processes that will allow your healthcare business to thrive.
Once we have established your new billing practices, we will work tirelessly to ensure that your new billing strategy continues to allow your business to grow.
Thanks to years of experience in the healthcare industry, Acme always stays up to date with the latest insurance and billing practices to ensure your business is always complying with local and federal regulations.

Acme Is A Full-Service Healthcare Billing Company Serving:

Urgent Care

Hospitals & ER

Behavioral Healthcare

Ambulatory Surgery

Clinical Labs

Private Practice

Let Acme Billing Solutions Save You Money with Our Medical Billing Collection Services

Acme Billing Solutions is a full-service billing company designed to help your healthcare business by saving you money and managing billing services for your practice. We do this by identifying issues and areas of growth and crafting a unique billing strategy that works specifically for your center. We also implement new processes and systems by setting up new programs, software and processes that allow your business to thrive. We monitor utilization and collections, and we ensure continued compliance and consulting by always staying up to date with the latest insurance and billing practices. Our medical billing collection services work hard to ensure your business is not only complying with local and federal regulations but that you are also ahead of the curve in managing your medical billing.

Find out why Acme Billing is the right partner for your healthcare business. Call and get a free assessment: 1.888.909.8055